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License Classes

There are 3 main classes of amateur radio license in Canada. Canada's spectrum regulator ISEDC maintains a very useful list of resources on their site:


Allows access to all amateur bands above 30MHz. 250W maximum DC input power to final amplifier or 560W PEP maximum RF power

Basic with Honours

Allows access to all amateur bands, same power limits as Basic


Allows access to all amateur bands. Power limits: maximum 1000W DC input to final amplifier stage or maximum 2250W PEP RF power. Allows for other privileges like autonomous/remote stations.

Morse Code Certificate

In conjunction with Basic, allows access to all HF bands, as an alternative to passing the Basic exam with Honours. Need to demonstrate the ability to copy Morse Code (CW) at a rate of 5wpm or greater. Required for a class 1 International Amateur Radio Permit (IARP), allowing the holder of the IARP to operate on all amateur bands in countries adhering to the Inter-American Convention on an International Amateur Radio Permit.

Study Resources

This page from the Government of Canada has the question pool and online/printable practice tests.