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To contribute information/suggestions for technical aspects of the site, please ping @WW0CJ on the wiki Discord or place a message on his talk page (User:WW0CJ)

  1. Consider a switch to Miraheze for managed hosting.
  2. Improve theme availability (dark mode!)
    1. Mobile View
  3. Spam Prevention without manual approval
  4. Clean up old spam accounts and pages
  5. Fix site favicon issues
  6. Info Boxes
  7. Userboxes
  8. Template for equipment references (see RigReference for information that would be useful)
  9. Fix WYSIWYG editor (done, need to add citation helper)
  10. Logo redesign?
  11. Regular users getting blocked when IP blocking spam accounts
  12. /index.php to /wiki in URL bar
  13. Fix Visual Editor Citation Tool


  1. Create citation, editing, and style policies
  2. Update quick-links on sidebar
  3. Code of Conduct
  4. Policies on what software projects should be allowed (should for-profit software be allowed to have a page?)
  5. Combine "Q codes" and "Q Code" pages
  6. Some kind of "article needs work" template
  7. Improved main page


  1. Expand Discord Explanation Archive
  2. Actually write OpenHam Wiki:Getting Started as an Editor
  3. Info on Club Callsigns
  4. Antenna Basics
  5. Net Basics
  6. GMRS Basics
  7. US Getting Started: How to get an FRN
  8. Public Domain ARRL Handbooks "imported"
  9. Harmonic Suppression (Front-End Filtering, Laws on spurious emissions)


  1. Update pages needing an update: Category:Pages needing update
  2. Expand pages that are stubs: Category:Stubs
  3. Citations needed Category:Pages needing sources