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Websites and databases


KC2G ionosphere maps: maps showing MUF and F₀F2

KC2G Maximum/Lowest Operating Frequency map: an undocumented feature of KC2G's website, this map shows the highest and lowest usable frequencies from any given grid square to any point on Earth. To use, modify the given URL by replacing the grid square in the grid=cn84ql with yours. To display the lowest operating frequency instead, replace metric=mof_sp in the URL with metric=lof_sp.

Solar-terrestrial information

PSKReporter: displays digital mode traffic (from a variety of modes) on a map.

Callsign Lookup

QRZ: callsign lookup site with customizable bios

RadioID: DMR ID database

VHF Tools

RepeaterBook: hot signals repeaters in your area

RadioReference: lists commercial, public safety, land-mobile, and similar frequencies


SigidWiki: a database for signal identification, containing basically all (digital) modes used by ham radio operators

Ethics and Procedures: an extensive document documenting on how a ham should properly operate on the air



This page will feature both proprietary software, and free software. "Free" refers to freedom, not price (although the free-as-in-freedom software presented here is also free-as-in-free-beer).

Free software means:

  • you're free to run the software however you want;
  • you're free to study the software by looking at the source code, and edit it, tweak it however you like;
  • you're free to share the software with other people, redistribute it; and
  • you're free to publish your modifications, so that the software may improve.

Free software principles meet some aspects of amateur radio, such as sharing or experimenting.


Software Defined Radio

SDR++: a free as in freedom tuner program for Software Defined Radios, available for Windows, Linux and MacOS^[Needs to be built manually for M1 chips.], and with a WIP version for Android.

Digital modes

FLdigi: a free program for a variety of digital modes.

WSJT-X: home of FT8 and other weak signal modes. It's free.

GridTracker: companion software to WSJT-X, it displays the traffic on a neat map. Also free.

JS8call: keyboard-to-keyboard communication using the protocol behind FT8. Also also free, who could have guessed!

FreeDV: digital voice mode for all bands. Is it free? Just look at the name.

QSSTV: transmits and receives SSTV and Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM). Yes, it is free.


TQSL: the official ARRL LOTW signer and uploader, for Linux, macOS^[Intel only] and Windows. It's open source but not free!


Echolink: A program to interface with the Echolink network

EZNEC: Software for antenna simulation

Digital Modes

Winlink: An email client for amateur radio

MMSSTV: A classic SSTV decoder/encoder


N1MM Logger Plus: A popular contest logging program designed to interface with other software

HAMRS: A popular logging program with the 'KISS' mindset

Log4OM: A basic logger meant for 'OMs'


SkookumLogger: A contest logger